What Others Are Saying About Ros Geuss

“We are so thankful to have had our young adult son work with Fulfilling Futures in his quest to find meaningful work in his chosen career field. Ros Geuss is a dynamo with both the experience and the savvy to offer her clients complete preparation for the challenges of an often-competitive job market. She provided our son with the necessary tools, confidence, and edge to project himself as the best possible candidate for an employment position. We witnessed the full transformation he had going from an inexperienced career candidate who could have easily been assed over, to one who projected himself as thoroughly prepared and enthusiastic for a position. Fulfilling Futures gave our son a clear advantage in his chosen field with a rigorous training framework, which provided needed guidance and coaching support. Ros’ complete attention to details was evident, as well as her belief in her client. The training he received has been working in a job field he could have dreamt of before.

We could not be more pleased! Thank you Ros!” -Terri, parent

“Mrs Geuss has been a most precious counselor for many years. The Princes and other members of the Royal Family of Luxembourg have found the right university thanks to her patience and expertise, knowledge and guidance…I may say that Mrs Geuss is the best ambassador-of–good-will of the United States in Luxembourg!”
— Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg

“Meeting Ros Geuss, whether you are “old” or “young”, is a great experience as she seems to irradiate you with energy and positive thinking. She is one of the rare people I know who can truly listen with an incredible gift of combining what she just heard from you with the vast knowledge she has acquired over the years in terms of educational systems or career management into a truly tailor-made dynamic vision of the person’s future. She is also the only person that I know that is never judgmental when speaking about people. These two gifts ensure that people, especially young people, open up to her and entrust her with their fears and their hopes for their future. Her background is extremely broad and international thus helpful for anybody thinking of positioning him or herself in a global world. As someone who has seen Ros “operate” both individually and with groups of young people, I can only say that these kids are in good and expert hands and that, at a critical stage of their development, I could not think of a better person to entrust them with.” -Karin, Parent, Luxembourg

“I have known Mrs. Geuss now for many years, and I am not quite sure where I would be right now without her help and support. Even after graduating from University, I still seek her advice. I believe she has a special gift in making people feel comfortable in clarifying and defining their career orientations, for instance I had an interview for a job and I was so nervous for it, so I decided to call her before and she just walked me through the interview. I ended up feeling really confident when I started the interview and…I got the job! Mrs. Geuss certainly counts amongst the most important people who have helped me grow into the person I have become today.” -Kathrin, Student

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Ros Geuss to any parent and student who is seeking a competent, understanding and empathetic professional to help find the fit, not only in the college choice… but along the path of career goals and direction. She is a true professional and is clearly at the top of her game.”
— Bob, Parent

“She is an absolutely incredible resource… My applications were the best versions they could be, while still entirely representing me. I feel lucky to have had such a patient and considerate guidance counselor. I am in my third year at New York University and am proud to say that I’ve never regretted my choice.”
— Mila, Student

“Always resourceful, Ros Geuss helped our daughter set goals, provided up to date information, and challenged her to do her very best. She clearly and positively alerted our daughter to deadlines, requirements, and upcoming opportunities and challenges, and supported her evolving independence. When we parents had questions or concerns, Ms. Geuss always made herself available to us and responded promptly.” — Robert and Diane, Parents

“Ros Geuss not only taught me to trust myself; she also taught me to stay positive no matter what, and to have faith in my dreams and aspirations. … Meeting such an amazing and caring person changed me, and I could not be more grateful.” ­
— Aymeric, Banque Generale de Luxembourg (BGL), FutureLab summer school student

“Choosing, applying for and preparing for a college or university after secondary school is a very important part in a young adult’s life. For parents who want the best for their kids, it can also be a very stressful period. Ros Geuss made sure that our young adult took ownership for, and understood, the entire process, from start to finish. … She made sure that our daughter was in charge of the whole experience, which made it ever more satisfying when the acceptance letters started rolling in.”
— Nick, Parent

“Mrs. Geuss always made us feel welcome and exceeded our expectations in working to meet deadlines and assuring that my son’s documents would be presented to the admissions departments in a professional and noteworthy manner. … Her sage advice was indispensable to my son’s success in securing acceptance to Brown University.”
— Joy, parent

“Ros made a huge difference for our kids! Her enthusiasm and energy and tools combined to help my children to have a process through which to begin to dream and explore what they would like “to be when they grew up.” … One sign that someone is really good at what they do is that they love it. Ros clearly loves what she does, and so she really cares for the students she helps, and pours her heart into the process!”
— Beth, parent

“I met Ros Geuss at a futures and entrepreneurship summer school. … She was very warm and friendly, which meant that there were no awkward moments. At every counseling session she was there to help and advise, not to judge. Mostly I would say that she aims not to dictate a fixed career path but to inspire the confidence to walk one’s own individual path.”
— Sarah, Banque Generale de Luxembourg, summer school student

“Both of my children went to British universities and Dr. Geuss spent many hours with them discussing their ideas and dreams and encouraging them to research a wide variety of programs and courses. … As a family, we are greatly appreciative of the support Dr. Geuss continued to offer throughout their years at university, something that is typical of her willingness to go well beyond the normal support offered by most counselors.”
— Nicki, parent

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