Working with Ros felt like joining an all-star team specifically focused on my career goals and success. Her deep knowledge and expertise in professional development is an incredible asset to her clients, and working with her was undoubtedly beneficial to my life. As a mid-career professional, I had plenty of experience and education, but I needed help communicating and marketing my “story” and brand so that I could secure the best opportunity for my future. I thought working with Ros would be about creating the perfect resume and cover letter, little did I know it would turn out to be so much more. Through our collaboration, I discovered the career path that was right for me. 


I began working with Ros on a remote basis, when finishing a work contract abroad, before returning to New York where we continued in-person meetings. Whether communicating via phone, email or during an in-person sit-down Ros always brought her “A” game. During our initial conversation, she asked me about my interests, objectives, and desired outcomes as it related to both my career and our work together. It was clear to me that she cared that my needs were met and we achieved real results. Ros customized a plan that best suited my immediate concerns and shifted other topics to later sessions. She provided me with the tools and resources I needed to help improve my professional brand and career pursuits, this included: application materials, skills worksheets, interview information, helpful online links and videos, job searching platforms, networking strategies, and more. Together we crafted a new resume that showcased my skills, experience, and education. We worked on imperative interview and networking language to best communicate my professional “story” and answer the common question “Tell me about yourself?” in an intriguing and credible manner. During the process, one of the most valuable areas of work came unexpectedly later on when we delved into transferable skills. It was during these discussions that Ros prompted me to think about what skills I enjoyed using versus the skills I could get hired to use. The more I defined what these were the more my mind opened to what things I could do that would align with my personal and professional goals. It was around this time that I dove headfirst into Real Estate, and needless to say, I haven’t looked back. 

If you’re ready to make an investment in yourself and looking for some career help, whether it be defining the next steps, improving application and interviewing skills, or some other professional development assistance then look no further than Ros. Reach out to her and get started on your journey today. 

Early Career Changer

Working with Ros was the best decision I could make during an unexpected and jarring job transition. Not only does she possess the skills and expertise to guide individuals through a process of careful self-reflection and inventory of resources, but her calm, kind, structured approach helped make a difficult path much easier. When I was disoriented and struggling to see the way forward, Ros patiently helped me to understand how to articulate my strengths and leverage my connections in order to develop manageable action plans and make career changes. She is an outstanding professional and someone to have on your team any time you want to consider your career options!

To experience Ros Geuss is to run through a tornado -for she has the energy, enthusiasm, and insatiable curiosity that ignites a fire under you to keep driving onward, upward, and through anything to find the next place you can call “home”.  

In a word, I am an anomaly- an entrepreneur who uprooted, moved cross-country, and started over again... for the 10th time in my life. And I found myself struggling to figure out what my career will look like NOW, and what will bring me fulfillment. So, I asked for help- which is sometimes the hardest thing to do, as a strong, independent go-getter woman!

Right out of the gate, Ros understood how to embrace my uniqueness, broad career experience, and yearning to find and follow God’s plan for what “work” looks like at this phase of my life. She carefully selected and integrated specific coaching tools and assessments into our session conversations- which proved to be spot-on in delivering several a-ha moments. Having been an Executive Coach myself for the past 20 years, these moments are golden!

When you need a solid dose of realism, optimism, and accountability... commit to working with Ros, and watch your mind, spirit, and career possibilities light up!​

 Mid-Career Professional


I wanted to thank you for your inspiring presentation you held last Tuesday. It really opened my eyes. I studied what my parents told me to study, did a job I didn’t like for four years and am now a stay at home mom for 17 years already. And your speech made me realize that on the way, I kinda lost myself. …   I need to rethink my life, find a goal, a purpose for me, do something that makes ME happy …  So, I want to thank you for opening my eyes, clearing my view on life and making me want to explore myself all over again.​


When I first approached Dr. Geuss, I was fifteen years removed from receiving my bachelor’s degree, had held various “jobs” over the years, and was looking to transition into a “career”. I was paralyzed by the overwhelming number of avenues I could pursue, and insecure about how to transition into a field that I had little work experience in. By the end of our first session, with her signature warmth and empathy, Ros helped me identify my passion. By the following week, we had narrowed the field to a few positions that would allow me to do what I love.


The work she does for her clients goes leaps and bounds above your run-of-the-mill, weekly consultation. The world is now, more than ever, host to diverse and constantly evolving industries. In between meetings, Ros utilizes her vast experience and connections to conduct research–her own “independent study”, if you will–in those fields most relevant to you! Armed with the insights she uncovers, she is able to provide you with viable career options that align with your special talents and interests.  

In addition to this extracurricular work, Dr. Geuss also equips all her clients with tools to explore different career paths on their own. One such tool, the “informational interview”, pairs career-seekers with professionals in a related field. By learning the personal journeys of these professionals–their stories–a client can explore whether a particular career path, or industry, is right for him or her.  The fact of the matter is that Ros cares! I left with a much clearer sense of direction and a résumé that would have cost thousands if left up to some anonymous, online résumé writer. Now months after our last session, we still keep in touch via e-mail, as our busy schedule’s permit.  To thank Ros for everything she’d done for me, I made sure to give her a signed copy of my first novel.


Thank you for your stellar optimism, your strategic game planning, and your charismatic, unique approach in what you do best…Being an awesome coach!


​Ros is a dynamic presenter who provides a warm, empathetic, personalized coaching approach and easily engages people of all abilities. Ros volunteers her time for Ramapo for Children’s Annual Mock Job Fair, giving our participants the opportunity to practice interviewing skills and receive professional feedback. Several of our young adults have benefitted from “The Art of Interviewing”, a series of interactive presentations, and live videotaping, which helped transform them into competitive candidates for employment. I highly recommend Ros as a Career Coach for all young adults.  (Employment Specialist)





Ros is a talented and unique career coach who offers comprehensive coaching beyond the surface “wants” her clients present with.  She offers a full-service approach and is a master at harvesting talents, strengths and opportunities from past experiences.  From building a positive and succinct resume to coaching through tricky issues at work Ros knows how to support a diverse group of clients of many ages and backgrounds.  Ros trusted our son’s capacities in spite of his challenges.  She communicated regularly with our family while maintaining a positive, warm, and confidential relationship with him.  Above all Ros never gave up believing our son could be sustainably employed; and now he is!!!!  We could not be happier with the process and the outcome of the amazing work she did with our son.


The college application process has changed radically since our college days in the late 1980’s and we had no idea where to begin.  Luckily for us, a friend recommended Ros as a great resource as a college and career counselor.  Ros guided us through the entire process with biweekly meetings with our daughter and follow-up detailed emails and quarterly meetings with me.  One resource that Ros used and was highly beneficial to our daughter was   YouScience, a tool that gauged our daughter’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, and connected them with future possibilities that made sense.  It helped to confirm in my daughter’s mind that her intended major and eventual career is one that she is well-suited for and will enjoy for years to come.  Having Ros direct the step by step process from the beginning of our daughter’s junior year in high school through her acceptance to the colleges she applied to, most certainly alleviated the tension and stress that was likely to have occurred if we went through the process alone.


As a senior in high school Ros did an awesome job boosting my self-confidence and identifying my brand. During college visits and academy interviews I felt prepared and engaged. I would recommend anyone for her Art of Interview program. The techniques and exercises will help me throughout my life time. Ros is very flexible, thorough, and insightful. Best money ever invested. Thanks, Ros!

When I first started my college application process, I was lost. I did not know where to start my application, how to structure it, and so much more was unclear to me. 

Being from Luxembourg, not many people are familiar with the American application process because the European way is so different. Thankfully, Ros was recommended to me through a friend. Even though I was skeptical at first because she lives on the other side of the planet, I contacted her through email, hoping she could answer me only a few of my questions. We scheduled a meeting over FaceTime, and I still remember that I felt so relieved after our first talk. I finally had an overview of what needed to get done.

We stayed in contact through email, Video-, and Audio-conferences. She was always very quick to answer and even helped me to get in touch with colleges if the time difference and distance made it difficult for me to connect. 


Thanks to her expertise and experience, she can give you advice and pointers in so many different areas that can revolve around but are not limited to, getting into college.

Her feedback is always so productive and motivated me to work even more on my application.


It is always a pleasure talking to Ros. Her kind and wise words regularly brightened up my day and made me believe in myself and my goals.

I could not have imagined a better coach to get me through this process and into my dream college



I started as a Luxembourgish student who had the dream to study in the United States of America. Although I knew that the application process was somewhat intensive, it turned out to be even more demanding than I thought. Luckily, I had great support from Ros throughout the entire time. After she made me aware of many things I hadn’t thought of during our first session, she helped me, with her warm and friendly manner, to understand the complexity of the process. She helped me to structure my application process, and we defined priorities and goals. Over the next weeks and months, we had regular sessions via phone or skype since we lived thousands of miles apart, where we discussed my progress. In between these sessions, I worked on my applications, and Ros made small suggestions to improve my work whenever I asked her. She was as committed as I was throughout the entire process and was as supportive as anyone could be. Furthermore, Ros introduced me to Wentworth Institute of Technology, where I ended up studying, which was one of the best decisions I have made. It was a pleasure working with her, and I am thankful for her immense support!



I had an amazing time with Ros. She really listened and understood my needs and concerns and helped me step by step with organizing my career path. She also connected on a personal level and made me feel like it was more than just developing career skills but personal development as well. She made me come out of my shell and realize what I truly wanted and never discouraged me to go after it. 

 Recent College Graduate

Ros helped to navigate our daughter and us through the college application process. Her insight helped decrease the anxiety we were feeling about where to begin.  Ros helped our daughter to focus her goals and ideas and assisted her in honing her skills of presenting herself on a college application through an essay and in the face-to-face interview process.  Ros' use of questionnaires and other online tools encouraged our daughter to think about her future, her career which boosted her self-confidence.  She gave us great hints for what to look for and do during the college visitation process.  Ros was available throughout the entire process by phone or email and we met with her several times to check in.  Our daughter's one-on-one sessions with Ros were confidence building, enlightening and invaluable.  She was someone that our daughter could go to and talk independently about her goals, thoughts and feelings regarding her future. We are so appreciative of the time she gave to our daughter and how she worked with her schedule to make their meetings work.  


You can have the smartest kid in the world, but that doesn't guarantee they don't need a little help getting their foot into the next door. Ask your child, "Tell me about yourself". As an interviewer for a Fortune 500 company, applicants need to come prepared. If you or your child are just coming out of high school, college, or heading to a new career, Ros' Art of interview training is a must for all. I've recommended her services over and over again.