• Ros Geuss

Move your career forward during covid

Your Career:

Ten ways to prepare for moving your career forward during these uncertain times

For job seekers and graduates launching their careers, maintaining patience, persistence, positive thinking, and sanity during ‘normal times’ are challenging at best.

Adding the current pandemic with economic upheaval, personal challenges, and social isolation intensify the anxiety and uncertainties of the job search process.

However, there are activities the graduate, job-changer, or unemployed can do to feel that in life, there are some things still under their control. Setting career related goals and an action plan can provide a daily focus and a break from news updates, Netflix, and social media overload.

Igniting motivation through purposeful activities that develop your job search tools, yourself, and sense of purpose will help you overcome a negative future outlook and a feeling of helplessness.

Below are ten ways you can better prepare yourself to restart a powerful job-search campaign when the economy and our lives open-up once again for business.

1. Update or enhance your résumé.


o Make sure your personal details, profile, and work history are updated and accurate. Your content must be clear and concise; easy to read and skim. Design:

o Try some design enhancements. Experiment with new design features to make your letterhead and section headings pop.


o Format your sections in a way that showcase your skills, strengths, and knowledge to help the reader quickly find the information that communicates your value.

2. Work on your personal branding statement

Your Personal Branding Statement is the response to the ‘”Tell me about yourself” request at an interview, networking event, or anytime you interact with a new acquaintance who might want to know about who you are, what you stand for; what you do. A powerful statement tells your story and communicates your uniqueness and value powerfully and concisely. Crafting this statement takes considerable time and is always changing as you evolve. Now is a great time to work on yours.

3. Upskill through LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers expert-led, online videos to help you enhance your job-search campaign with up to date information, tips, and skills for your employment toolbox.

4. Review and update your LinkedIn Profile.

Revisit your Profile to update and enhance your Introduction Card, Experience Section, or Skills & Endorsements. It might also be time to add sections to showcase your accomplishments.

§ If you have not done so in a while, consider connecting with a professional photographer to retake your photo when the business resumes their services.

5. Explore new occupations and careers.

Become familiar with career development and labor websites. For those seeking a career change, learn more about occupations that require your skills, strengths, personal qualities and interests. A few great resources include




6. Improve your basic computer literacy and skills.

· Umpteen online programs are available to help you increase the skills many employers require or seek in their candidates. Now is a great time to improve your

Keyboarding skills; typing speed

Operating systems (Windows and MacOS)

Office suites (Microsoft Office, G Suite)

Presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote)

Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.)

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

7. Take an online course or earn a certificate to expand knowledge and skills in just about any area of interest. Check out:



Khan Academy:



Class Central:

Community college and university online courses

8. Discover and visit professional association websites.

· If you are looking for people who work in areas that share your interests or pursuing training or education to prepare for and break into an industry, exploring professional association websites provides a wealth of information. Some have job boards advertising employment opportunities. You can start your search at the Professional Association Finder at

9. Update your network list

Check out LinkedIn, your college alumni center, or professional association websites to make a list of contact details in your industry or the career field you might want to connect with post-COVID.

10. Volunteer

Research volunteer opportunities that might help the community during these difficult times. In addition to positively impacting the lives of others, volunteering develops skills, structures and brings meaning to your day, and expands your network.

You can register online with organizations such as or to find out how and where you can help.

This current pandemic is indeed a human tragedy: medically, emotionally, socially, and economically. The negative news updates are overwhelming. However, we can all take positive action to do something. I believe that whatever you can do now to be prepared for the future will facilitate your next career move. Setting a daily action plan and making progress towards achieving career development goals will give you a better sense of control and increased feeling of well-being during these uncertain times.

Ros Geuss

Career Development Specialist

April 2020