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The Art of Interviewing:
Fulfilling Futures Interview Coaching

Résumés help you get your foot in the door. Job search documents (transcripts, cover letters and references) provide back-up information that help employers and admissions directors differentiate you from other applicants.

Interviews seal the deal.

Training to interview successfully makes an enormous difference in winning college admissions and job offers. Learning how to prepare for, conduct and learn from interviews must become an essential component of your career development and job search.

As a Certified Employment Interview Professional, I can help you develop the knowledge, confidence and leading edge techniques to excel in admissions and employment interviews. Skills developed as a result of interview training are valuable life skills. Practicing performance storytelling will help you build confidence as well as self-esteem. It is about telling your story, celebrating your achievements and communicating past performances sincerely, skillfully, and professionally. The earlier you master the art of interviewing and how to effectively and comfortably market yourself, the greater your confidence and success in later life when you compete for graduate school admissions, internships, and employment opportunities.

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