Higher Education Coaching


Preparing for, and experiencing, the world of higher education – truly an exciting era in a young person’s life!

As your child looks ahead to the endless sea of opportunities before him or her, it might, at first, seem overwhelming – for you AND your young adult!

Not to worry. I am here to help navigate those waters, and to make the journey a joyful, rewarding one.

As a longtime educational consultant who has worked with families all over the world during this very special time, it is my job to enhance the wonderful experience of self-discovery that comes with  the college search, the admissions process, figuring out majors, discovering internship opportunities, and designing careers.

Together, your young adult and I will work in an ongoing way to identify his or her talents, passions, and interests, and put them in context of a college and career plan that maximizes return on investment, and optimizes feelings of joy, self-confidence, productivity, and success!

During our sessions, I will work to:

  • Help your young adult develop greater self-awareness
  • Educate your student about post-secondary school opportunities worldwide, internship programs during the college years, and career paths that are most suitable for him or her
  • Help to simplify, manage, and control the college selection and application process, whether enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Help students identify promising college majors, courses, and career paths that will capitalize on personal skills, interests, values, goals, and needs
  • Develop plans for occupational discovery, transferable skill identification, and competencies required for successful career management
  • Inform, coach, support, and inspire students to invest their energy and time into their own learning and planning

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