Career Coaching for Youth

Early Career Development

Career development is a lifelong process, but the earlier you begin, the better chances you or your student will have for success and satisfaction in their lives ahead.

Today’s dynamic economic climate, globalization of higher education and markets – combined with ever-increasing college costs – make career development planning essential during the high school and college years.

Not only will focused and thoughtful planning secure a more solid future, but it will help you feel more self-confident and independent.

Career development allows you to:

  • Experience a process of self-discovery outside of school curricula and expectations
  • Explore occupational options using a variety of activities and resources
  • Learn how to evaluate jobs and workplace environments
  • Develop essential job-search competencies
  • Set realistic and achievable goals for career development action planning in high school and college

Without research, reflection, analysis, planning, and a sense of purpose, unrealistic and inappropriate college and career decisions will come at a big expense, often resulting in wasted time, talent, and treasure along the way, and a lack of satisfaction and well-being down the road.

Students may settle for “off-the-shelf” college lists and unsuitable majors, degree programs, or career path choices. They may miss out on the opportunities that develop skills and provide awareness, insight, competencies, and possible future connections.

Career development encourages focus and motivation, and allows students to maximize academic and personal potential.

Early preparation and planning will lead to greater employment success and satisfaction. Defining and honing transferable skills, developing self-marketing documents and strategies, and understanding how to effectively search for the RIGHT job – well before graduation – will result in much greater success on every level.

I am here to help high school and college students focus on their future, develop a sense of purpose, and cultivate the proficiencies that will make them stand out from the crowd. Together, we will work to ensure that career development and future job campaigns are approached strategically, competently, and confidently.

Ready to get started? Contact me now to schedule a free, 15-minute college planning and career counseling session.

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