college planning


More than a college list...

Up there with your home, college is one of the largest investments of time and resources you will ever make in your life. 


Planning for college should be much more than crafting a list.


It is planning for life beyond high school, preparing for your future, for a successful, satisfying and

meaningful career.


So how do you get the best return on your college investment? How do you begin to know what opportunities exist?

As a Career Development Specialist and College Advisor with decades of experience guiding and supporting teens with different backgrounds, abilities, needs, and from all corners of the world, I can help you reflect on the reasons why you want to invest in post-secondary education or training, and your hopes for the return on your investment.


It begins with intensive self-assessment and purposeful planning. You need to look at yourself: your values, interests, strengths, and personal preferences to help you discover promising directions, majors and the kinds of careers that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Your college coursework and academic program, along with internships and jobs, should all be aligned closely with a clear career path – and I am here to help you define your destination to maximize your aspirations and potential, develop your career narrative and “personal brand,” and optimize your chances for success!

In our career development and college counseling sessions, you will:

  • Figure out career options that will best reflect your skills, talents, and life goals, thinking “outside the box” so that you can discover promising and fulfilling career opportunities that you never knew existed.

  • Identify majors, degrees, and training programs that best suit your personality, strengths, skills, and career goals.

  • Set goals and design action plans to achieve personal, academic, and career aspirations.

  • Make connections between your college or vocational training coursework and the world of work that will help you stay motivated and focused.


  • Uncover ways to seize opportunities while you are still a student that will prepare you for the world of work, learn more about the workplace, and build your career résumé.


  • Participate in an Interview Training Program to acquire skills to effectively present yourself with confidence in admissions and employment interviews.


  • Gain a competitive edge with the strategies, tools, and self-marketing documents you need for employment success.

  • Build your self-confidence and approach your future with a sense of optimism and excitement!


Colleges and vocational training programs seek young people with a solid sense of self and purpose for attending

their institution.

Your personalized Fulfilling Futures Career Education and College Planning Program will help you do just that: uncover your passions and skills, identify your purpose for your education and the promising directions that best prepare you for the competitive, dynamic global marketplace.

The process is fun, exciting, and eye-opening; you will be amazed at what you discover!


Your young adult has a bright future ahead. I am here to help your child chart a course that will optimize success and fulfillment – in college, in career, and in life.


I don’t steer students in one particular direction, but rather utilize well-respected, effective tools and strategies to help draw out what they are passionate about and where their strengths and skills lie as we design academic programs to help them lead successful, happy, and meaningful lives.

Studying on the Grass

The college admissions landscape is changing and the application process needs not be stressful. I am here as part of your child’s team to help everyone feel a sense of control through thoughtful, purposeful planning based on self-knowledge and realistic, attainable goals.

In our sessions, I will:

  • Equip students with greater self-awareness.

  • Educate students about post-secondary school opportunities worldwide.

  • Partner with students and parents to simplify, manage, and control the college selection and application process.

  • Challenge students to develop and employ the fundamental skills and attitudes critical for college and career success.

  • Help students identify promising college majors, courses, and career paths that will capitalize on personal skills, interests, values, goals, and needs.

  • Develop plans for occupational discovery, transferable skill identification, and competencies required for successful career management.

  • Inform and inspire students to invest their energy and time into their own learning and planning.

  • To coach and support students during these often-turbulent times of juggling the demands of high school academics and extracurricular activities.

Learn more about the specifics of our career development program for youth by clicking here.