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Studies vary slightly, but research statistics suggest that 48-52% of workers are unhappy with their jobs. 

Fulfilling Futures Career Services can help you if:


  • You are one of those who wake up and realize you want something different and feel a new career direction will lead to a more fulfilling future.

  • You feel lost when it comes to communicating your knowledge, experience, value, and strengths and have not written a résumé in decades.

  • You haven’t experienced success mass-sending applications.

  • It has been years since you had an employment interview, and the thought of interviewing is terrifying!

  • Using online resources and social media in the job-search process is daunting.

  • You are unsure where to even start.

You have found the right place!


As your Career Development Specialist, I will help you pave the way for your next move as you navigate through the job-search or career change processes in today’s changing world of work.


Together we can discover employment directions that will be most meaningful and satisfying by helping you uncover your passions, identify your special strengths, and the action steps needed to build an exciting chapter ahead.  I will help learn how to develop focused, powerful and effective documents and strategies that communicate your strengths and unique value.

Professional Young Woman

Together, we will delve into all that shapes you – your life history, values, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and background – and develop a solid plan to secure a career that is aligned with what you most want out of life.

In our career development coaching sessions, we will:

  • Review your experiences, achievements, knowledge, and areas of expertise on the job and in the community for clues as to what might come next.

  • Reflect on what you want most out of your professional life.

  • Identify strengths, transferable skills, values, interests and preferences that will inform career choices and promising next-moves.

  • Learn how to develop and use your network to maximize opportunities.

  • Discover ways to research occupations, companies, industries, and jobs.

  • Uncover resources and strategies to learn new skills and close skill gaps.

  • Build your personal and professional brand to communicate your unique value proposition.

  • Craft a targeted and powerful résumé.

  • Develop your LinkedIn profile and maximize online self-marketing strategies.

  • Learn how to write effective cover letters.

  • Review before, during, and after employment interview essentials.

  • Help you gain the self-confidence, courage, and motivation you need to take the first step and “put yourself out there” so that you can secure the work life of your dreams.


I am fully dedicated to your success and will work tirelessly to provide the information and resources you need, along with encouragement, accountability, and guidance, to discover and pursue your career goals.

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