Career Coaching for College and University Students

Career Coaching for College and University Students

You have worked hard in college, and you are ready to begin thinking about the workforce.

As your career development coach, I can help you carve out the exciting path ahead

By helping you uncover the wide range of employment opportunities available to you, looking closely at your interests, aptitudes, values, and skills, and then empowering you with specific competencies required to identify and secure a job you love, you will be on your way to the fulfilling future you deserve to enjoy.

What you can expect from college and university student career coaching services:

Guided Self-Assessment

  • Develop your personal profile of skills, interests, values, and goals
  • Review and document your higher education or training program accomplishments

Occupational Options

  • Expand your awareness of what occupations exist, and what might be most suited for you
  • Develop experiential learning, job shadowing, and internship plans

Job Search Campaign and Skill Development

  • Develop self-marketing tools and skills (your resume, CV, and cover letters)
  • Learn and practice employment interview skills that will seal the deal
  • Prepare your job search plan
  • Acquire networking skills and strategies to build your “sphere of influence”
  • Create your professional portfolio/dossier