The Cost of NOT Planning for College

The Cost of NOT Planning for College and Not “Finishing in 4″

Without self and occupational knowledge and thoughtful planning, students are often forced to select a college or degree course. Lacking informed decision-making and a sense of purpose, students are more likely to change majors or schools once…or more.

Research suggests that students who have an accurate picture of themselves and their career options, and declare a major prior to enrollment, were more likely to graduate ‘on time’.

An Indiana University study reports that one additional semester is a 10% premium, or close to $10,000.

Adding time and extra semesters to your higher education can cost not only time, but also money, in terms of tuition, books, fees, housing, food, and other unplanned expenses, in addition to delaying income-producing employment.

Additionally, financial aid and US government Direct Subsidized Loans may be in jeopardy as a result of the 2007 College Cost and Reduction Act ( Each college also has a satisfactory academic progress policy for financial aid purposes, impacting uninformed educational decision-making.

Fulfilling Futures programs are designed to help students make informed decisions based on self and occupational exploration, experiential learning, goal setting, and action planning. Students learn as much as possible about themselves, occupations that they might not have been aware of, industries, and work environments before launching a course that is not quite what they expected or limits future career options.

Changing directions can be a very wise decision. What is important to remember is that in addition to their classroom learning, students should carefully engage in a wide variety of experiences to discover themselves, their strengths and passions, and unearth a purpose for their lives, their education, and promising future career directions.

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