Fulfilling Futures focuses on your unique personal profile and the competencies and attitudes critical for college success. With a background in international college admissions counseling, I can provide you with comprehensive information about undergraduate programs, university admissions requirements, and application processes in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and worldwide. College is one of the most wonderful times of life – you deserve to get the most out of it, and I am here to help.Whether you are a young person or an experienced professional, my career development programs will help you explore promising vocational- or interest-related college majors, training programs, and learning opportunities that maximize your unique skills, interests, and personal strengths. Together, we can develop a plan to make your career everything you want it to be.Fulfilling Futures works with students and career professionals on the exciting and eye-opening process of self-understanding and occupational discovery. We will work together to build your personal brand, and to ensure that you develop the job campaign skills required for success in today’s global, dynamic, and changing workplaces.



Ros Geuss, PhD     (More Info)star
Mrs Geuss has been a most precious counselor for many years. She has always taken into account the strengths, personalities, ideals of the Princes and has guided them in a truly committed and professional way – the Princes and other members of the Royal Family of Luxembourg have found the right university thanks to her patience and expertise, knowledge and guidance…I may say that Mrs Geuss is the best ambassador-of–good-will in Luxembourg!
— Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg


… I think that Ros Geuss 100% believes in what she does, she therefore never spares her time or energy. Her enthusiasm, her positive thinking and her unlimited commitment to the future of young people keep me in the deepest admiration. I can also say that without a doubt it is thanks to Ros that my daughter ended up entering an excellent UK university. Over the years, Mrs. Geuss monitored her progress with minute detail noticing both progress but also the slightest loss of motivation as it sometimes occurs with youngsters. In those cases Mrs. Geuss approaches young people with sensitivity and a wonderful listening ear. She knows how to truly inspire working hard with students to get them to recognize their strength while patiently also working with them on their weaknesses.
— Karin, Parent


Without hesitation, I would recommend Ros Geuss to any parent and student who is seeking a competent, understanding and empathetic professional to help find the fit, not only in the college choice… but along the path of career goals and direction. She is a true professional and is clearly at the top of her game.
— Bob, Parent


She is an absolutely incredible resource… My applications were the best versions they could be, while still entirely representing me. I feel lucky to have had such a patient and considerate guidance counselor. I am in my third year at New York University and am proud to say that I’ve never regretted my choice.
— Mila, Student

Your future can be whatever you envision. I am here to get you prepared: for college, for career, and for life. The opportunities are boundless; you will be amazed at what you can do.

What We Do Best

You deserve an educational track and career path that reflects your values, your aspirations, and your most authentic self – a future that maximizes your potential, empowers you, taps into your natural skills and talents, and encompasses all that you want out of life!

Whether you are planning for college or launching a career change, I will help you discover exactly what you need in order to enjoy a fulfilling future ahead.

As a Career Development Specialist*, I support, encourage, and motivate people like just like you from all over the world who represent many walks of life and career stages.

I would love to work with you.

Together, we will:

  • develop a career narrative with a sense of purpose that aligns your interests, strengths, and values with your career or coursework
  • “think outside the box” and uncover promising occupational and professional paths
  • set goals and create an action plan to jump-start your career or educational preparation
  • identify the right colleges, majors, degrees, training programs, and tools needed to optimize career success
  • explore effective job search strategies
  • carve out college and career paths

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